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Divorce (presently referred to as "dissolution of marriage") can be especially hard on children. The following links provide information to help parents ease the stress of divorce on children:
Stepping Back from Anger
Ten Tips for Divorcing Parents
Children's Bill of Rights

The State of Florida requires divorcing parents to complete a parenting class as part of the divorce process. The following link gives a list of court-approved parenting classes in Florida. Bay County is in the Fourteenth Judicial Circuit.
Parenting Classes

Parties with children must complete a form for a notice of social security number and Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act affidavit (UCCJEA affidavit). The UCCJEA affidavit states as to each child where and with whom the child has lived for the past five years, the name, age and date of birth of each child, and the address of both parents.
Notice of Social Security Number
UCCJEA Affidavit

If you have children, plesse complete a proposed parenting plan which includes information as to parental timesharing.
Parenting Plan

Also included are three examples for a parental timesharing schedule.
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3

In all contested divorces in the State of Florida, the Husband and Wife are required to exchange sixteen categories of financial disclosure at specified times during the proceedings. A copy of Rule 12.285(d), Fla. Fam. R. Civ. P., which requires this disclosure is provided below as well as a form for compliance with mandatory disclosure.
Compliance with Mandatory Disclosure
Rule 12.285(d) Financial Disclosure

In uncontested dissolution of marriage proceedings, the parties can waive mandatory disclosure except for the exchange of financial affidavits. The State of Florida requires a party who grosses $50,000 or more per year to submit a long-form financial affidavit. A party who grosses less than $50,000 per year may submit a short form financial affidavit. Both forms are listed below as well as instructions for completing financial affidavits.
Financial Affidavit-long form ($50k or more per year)
Financial Affidavit-short form (less than $50k per year)
Financial Affidavit Instructions

Mediation: Mediation is a process under which parties who have not reached an agreement in family law cases are given the opportunity to resolve their issues without contested litigation with assistance of a court-certified mediator. Mediation has proven to be an effective conflict-resolution process which frequently conserves judicial resources and the financial resources of the parties involved. All contested family law cases will be ordered to mediation prior to final hearing unless excepted by the court rule, statute or a court order.
Circuit-Wide Family Mediation Order

Parties to contested family law proceedings in the Fourteenth Judicial Circuit must comply with the "Standing Family Law Pretrial Court Order" entered by the court unless ordered otherwise.
Standing Family Law Pretrial Court Order

The following form helps our office prepare the necessary paperwork to process your divorce. Please complete this form carefully making sure it is complete and accurate without omitting zip codes, account numbers, balances or any other information. Your efforts will be greatly appreciated by our office staff.
Dissolution of Marriage Questionnaire

Clients are responsible for insuring the accuracy of information in any document filed with the court and/or served on the client's behalf.